You have impact…

What we do, is just as important as what we don’t do.

Have you ever stopped to consider that what you don’t do has an affect? We know Newton’s third law is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so lets look at that premise from a different perspective.

We live our lives on a second to second basis and everything we do contributes to the universal energy and experience of others. So if you don’t contribute, you are not sharing your energy, your experience, your understandings, your compassion etc.,

You have value and what you may have to say, might just be exactly what the other person needs to hear. Your experience, your contribution is why you are here.

People learn and experience the world primarily in three ways – visually, auditory and kinesthetically. So if you aren’t there – they can’t see you, hear you or feel you. You are missed and this impacts whatever was to have happened.

Sometimes we think and believe that our actions don’t make any difference, people won’t notice if we are not there and in fact find opportunities to avoid getting involved, going to an event, keeping a commitment etc.,

What would happen if you switched that belief and instead thought that you did matter, you had something of value to contribute simply by being there?

I’m not saying do things when you are sick or if isn’t truly in alignment with who you are, what you are trying to build in your life, but if you are involved with people or a situation that has spoken to you on some level, it is important to honor the impulse that brought you to the situation originally.

If you don’t you may be robbing those you were meant to impact of an experience they needed and more importantly perhaps, yourself too from the opportunity to give and add yourself into the world.

So just a gentle reminder, you have impact… by both what you do and what you don’t do.

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