You Get What You Expect

Good or bad, most of us operate from this space.

If you expect “good or bad” things, our words & actions can create them or attract them to us, or we will simply choose to see whatever it is, from that perception.

Either way, are you ready for what you are expecting?

Is you overall health & wellness ready for whatever is going to come? Will you have the capacity and resilience in your system to make it through a tough time? Will you have the strength and ability to step into the opportunity of a life time?

Or will your health be the deciding factor on what you can do next with your life?

For many reasons over the years, we at times have chosen to put ourselves last. Sometimes out of fear, lack of ability, to ensure safety, but at others because we didn’t know how to, felt we didn’t deserve it, didn’t have the resources or thought it was selfish.

But have you truly considered the role your overall health & wellness plays in your current life and how it will affect things in the future, both near and distant?

What is your health preventing you from doing now? What can you do to maximize the efficiency of this machine you were gifted with? How do you fuel it? How to you maintain it? How do you value it? How do you listen to it?

A final thought for consideration before I close this post today – have you thought that perhaps what you think / are interpreting as food cravings, are actually responses from your body saying it doesn’t want them?

The next time it happens, pay attention to what is happening in your body (vs the emotions in your brain) – to see what it may really be trying to tell you. ¬†Where previously you may have heard “I must have”, you may now hear “I’ve had enough”.

Just being curious….



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