Why the Marisa Peer Method?

I love when you send me questions, as I am always happy to answer them.  The questions I had most this week were about what hypnotherapy can be used for, if I have done it myself and who is Marisa Peer and why did I choose to train with her, in her method vs the other trainings out there.  I will answer each of these questions in their own post, but I will start with Why the Marisa Peer method first.

As a counsellor it is my goal and intention to help people, with whatever they want to work on. I do specialize in trauma, but work with people on many other issues as well. So when I learn new modalities (tools & skills), I need them to be effective, no matter what issues I am working on with my clients. It is my firm belief and experience,  that the more tools I have to help, the more successful my clients will be in achieving the results they want.

My original thoughts about hypnotherapy were probably similar to yours – I had heard of those stage shows where people do crazy things on stage. The other pieces I had heard about were people going for hypnosis to stop smoking or for weight loss.  The results themselves didn’t seem to support me training in this area, until I started doing my own research into what hypnosis is and just how many ways there are do to this.

During my research, the most reputable person I found, with the best success rate, consistently was and still is Marisa Peer.  She has been professionally trained as a therapist and has over 30 years using hypnotherapy with her clients, with amazing results.  From her years of experience she has created the rapid transformational therapy model to be clear & concise, to obtain effective results, quickly, that last.  She has been voted the best therapist in the UK for many years and I can see why.  Given her results, on a wide variety of issues and topics, consistently & reliably for over 30 years, and the international recognition and accreditation for her program, this seemed like the perfect fit wrapped with credibility that I could rely on and trust, to work with you my clients.

I hope this answers your question about why I chose to train with Marisa Peer and her specific method, if not please let me know.  My personal experience will be in my next post.  As always feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have Kimberly@KatalystCM.com.


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