Why Coaching & Counselling

Quite simply, they are both fantastic on their own and I am happy to use them both on their own.

But at some times, in some cases, when combined, they can produce amazing results that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

There is however a very real possibility and in some cases, a probability, that when coaching someone, it can raise issues and challenges that coaching alone is not prepared / resourced to address.  It is in those moments the counselling skills come into play as an additional tool. If those skills are not present in the provider, they may not recognize the need and in fact do harm by avoiding or suggesting lack of client commitment.  Further, they may see it as a client block and not see that this client needs additional support by a trusted referral partner, where they will be held & treated with the utmost care.

Worse case scenario, is how a coach with little or no psychological training,  can actually do harm to their client, by not recognizing, understanding and in some cases ignoring deep-seated problems that are present. This is never intentional, it is just beyond the skill set and awareness.  But the result is that the client is not served; as the solution in this sort of case, lies in addressing the unconscious conflict & symptoms that plague the individual behind the scenes, that may be stubborn or severe.

The additional element of perhaps triggering this client and then leaving them alone, unprotected and undefended and thus in chaos, unpredictable and in need of aid that the coach isn’t equipped to provide. The client is now at risk, personally and professionally.

The essential truth is that neither coaching, nor counselling suit everybody as effective methods of change.  Where it must be considered is when the real need is to determine if you are working with “a problem person” or a “person with a problem” and then prepare your course of action accordingly, with the clients best interests in mind.

I speak to this from my own personal experience, having gone to a coach myself many times over the years.  Yes absolutely coaching helped me on so many pieces and levels.  But there were pieces missing that my coach simply didn’t understand or know how to address, which is where the counselling piece comes in.

The typical coaching perspective is on the present and the future.  This is absolutely correct. But in some cases, the past needs to be looked at, to see how it is impacting the present and the future.  For me, that was the missing piece and is why I chose to learn in the two fields and offer both separate and in combination services.

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