Where does time go? How do you really spend your time?

I remember being young and thinking time was dragging on so slowly. Now as an adult time is going so fast, too fast and days are turning into weeks, then months and years…

It truly makes me wonder, what is the role that time plays in our lives?  Do you value your time or does it just slip by with nothing to show for it?

I know for myself that each day has a certain amount of predictable and /or scheduled things that must be done i.e.: work, sleep, eat, take the dogs for a walk etc.,

I have been taught by Robin Sharma to spend 60 minutes a day learning, to take at least one online course a month, attend one conference every quarter etc.,

He has also suggested the 5am club – I am open to it, but not yet committed, but am working towards it.  He says for each day to start using the 20/20/20 format (exercise, meditating, planning)

He also says that the first 90 minutes at work is your best time of the day so don’t waste it answering emails. This is your brain time, so spend it focusing on your best opportunity to make the most impact /achievement.

Now I’m not saying this is something you have to do, my point here is about being aware & intentional with your time and how you spend it.

I know for myself, my “addiction” is to accomplishing & achieving, so having my time and schedule planned out, really helps me to both stay on track each day, but also to measure where I am in my life, compared to my life goals.  And yes, that also means scheduling in down time so that I can enjoy, rest, relax and recoup.

I know there are still areas that I need to work on time wise, like my blog posts, as you can see it has been a while since my last post.  So my new task is to add that back into my schedule in a specific way, so that I can post on a more regular basis.

With awareness and intention, what will you do with your time? How will you spend it – with purpose & passion, moving towards something or away from something?

I am curious how others view time, how they spend their time, if they are planners or not? I love curiosity… and hope you do too..



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