What is Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Hypnotherapy is a method of therapy that finds information from your subconscious. You hold all the wisdom within you; your brain holds all of the information that you need to make the changes you want to make.  While in a hypnotic state, you are aware of your surroundings and are in control of your body, your mind, your thoughts and your words.  You feel safe & relaxed and at the end of the session, most people feel lighter, rested and can go back to whatever they were doing before their session, with no problems.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is the name of the method I use when you are under hypnosis, to achieve the results you are wanting, safely, quickly and with long lasting, permanent results.

A session starts with a conversation.  Together, we review your intake form and then chat about your history and what your goals are from doing this kind of work.  Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy do exactly that, create instant and lasting results, so it is important to be clear before we get started, in order to get what you want and need out of the sessions.

Following the conversation there are two parts – the first to set safety for you and second an introduction and request to your nervous system to relax so we can talk to your subconscious mind and get to the root cause of meanings or beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your goals, or making the progress you want in your life personally & professionally.  You are fully aware of the questions asked and you have the ability to respond or not.

We don’t revisit the issues & feelings, although they may be present.  We focus on reviewing the situation and describing the experiences you are having in these moments, from a distance as if you are watching a TV show, to gain the clarity and corrections that you need to move forward.

For those that are looking for help in specific areas, not related to the past, we use a similar process to work with your brain to help you achieve that confidence & self esteem you need to be a great public speaker, make better food choices, do well on your tests or exams, to stop biting your nails… really the sky is the limit.

Hypnotherapy has been proven safe & effective and can be used on children as young as 3  years old to help with a variety of issues from biting nails, to school tests, bed wetting etc.,  There are virtually no limits to what hypnotherapy can help with.

I know for myself when I did this, I got results after 3 sessions that almost 30 years of traditional talk therapy failed to do. That is why I chose to train in this, to help you get long lasting, meaningful results that will change your life, personally & professionally. Life is too short to waste any more time…


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