What can hypnotherapy be used for?

This is the third posting in response to your questions about Hypnotherapy.  I love your curiosity in asking these questions, so keep them coming and as always, if I have missed something, please let me know.

The common thread I found in your questions was wanting to know if this method works and what it can help you with.  As you can see from my Hypnotherapy page, it can work for almost anything that you want to work on. I am not saying this can cure cancer, but even if you have cancer, hypnotherapy can work with issues around such an illness, how you respond to the treatment etc.,

In my training & experience, I have seen hypnotherapy work with all age groups – from as young as a 3 year old girl who wants to stop biting her nails, to a senior dealing with Alzheimers.  I have seen it work with weight issues, skin & fertility issues, as well as other health conditions.  I have seen this method help with PTSD, trauma and anxiety symptoms. I have also seen it work with addictions, fears & phobias.

I have seen this work with people who want to build on skills they already have – to make them better.  To build confidence & self esteem, to be a better leader, to being a great public speaker. I have seen it work with clients who want clarity, focus and memory when studying for exams. I have seen it work with athletes and executives who want to increase their performance.

This is really all about what you want to achieve, so the sky is the limit.  What is is that you want to create for your present & your future? What is it that you really want to do, experience & achieve?  What if anything & everything really is possible?

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