There are strong links between healing trauma and spiritual transformation.

As we know trauma impacts the relationship you have with yourself (which is your most sacred relationship) and interrupts the naturally loving and safe relationship you have with yourself. Yourself includes but isn’t limited to you, the authentic you, the embodied you, the integrated and interconnected self, the part of you that is more than the sum of your parts, that is connected to source as well as self, in whatever way that applies to you.

Trauma at its core disrupts and/or obscures this relationship and all other relationships are also compromised.   Trauma also creates disconnection, a lack of capacity to be fully present with your own being and with others, while distorting your view of the world .   With trauma, there is always some form of fear, either conscious or unconscious.

Fear always separates us from love, the love that you are, the love that is available for you, the love that is possible to give and receive. Fear also separates us and leaves us feeling disconnected from ourself, others, the planet, a purpose, connection, the bigger picture etc.,

Healing your trauma creates a portal to becoming who you always have been, who you were meant to be, by feeling your energy, by safely reconnecting to you body, your mind and your spirit, which combined are the soul you are.

There is so much more to this aspect of yourself – and connecting back into it is a gift that you deserve to give yourself, its what you were meant to experience.

When you are ready to connect back to yourself, your real self please contact me at .  I’ve been on this journey for a long time and can speak from experience, you are not alone and there is support on this path.  The life that is available to you is so much greater than anything you can currently imagine.