There are gifts in everything…

I love reading Autobiographies as I am always curious about people & their lives. I am currently reading about Mary Tyler Moore and I was stunned to learn that she filmed Ordinary people while dealing with the suicide death of her own son in real life. This then reminded me of when Sandra Bullock filmed Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, while going through her really public betrayal and marriage break up with Jesse James.

In both situations, their personal lives were known by the producers & fellow actors and were in fact additional reasons both women were chosen & supported to play their various roles.

The way I have read both pieces is that it was felt both actresses could use their personal experiences to bring that real emotional richness to the characters they would be playing. Having seen both movies, I concur.

The gift to these two amazing women is that they got to use their own personal experiences, to add value to others by offering “real” emotions for the audience to view & engage with. Additionally, they both also had the opportunity to fully experience their own healing, by exploring & moving through the grief and pain of their personal lives, while playing these characters.

I realize I am talking about Hollywood examples, but if you look at real life, it does exactly the same thing, just not on the big screen. Each and every day, each of us, use our story, our lives & experiences to help other people, which in turn helps us in some way.

No matter what we have experienced, we can use it to help somebody else.  Knowing this gift, it can turn our upsets into celebrations, our challenges into successes, our grief into joy, our sadness into happiness.  I’m thinking that all sounds pretty perfect.

So, how will you choose to look at your experiences now? It’s your choice…

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