Personal & Professional Development is an important part of life satisfaction.

The world of online information has grown significantly.  This platform makes so much more available instantaneously, for those who are looking for it, for a variety of reasons.

For some, gathering information online, in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace & schedule is the perfect combination.

For some, the online information world offers insights to help determine next steps.

No matter your reasons, they are valid.

Knowing my client population is global, making resources available 24/7/365 is a priority for me. To that end, I have been intentionally creating information to make available for those who wish to go this route.

I will continue to add resources that I feel are helpful, so please continue to check often.  For your ease of reference here is the link to access the offerings that are currently available.


As a RCS -Registered Counselling Supervisor with ACCT, The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, I am currently offering the following:

Individual & Dyad Supervision – Annual Contract is required


Quarterly Supervision Groups:

General Supervision Group

Health & Wellness for Longevity – Personally & Professionally

Business Builder – Planning, Growth & Sustainability – Part 1. (Part 2 will be held in August. You can prebook)

Trauma Specific – Assessments, Treatment Planning etc,.

Trauma Education – Types, Stages, etc.,

Tools & Skills Development


These can be taken as supervision hours or professional development hours.  You are able to pre-book for the next session if you see something you like and do not have the schedule space to do more than one in each quarter. Some groups will continue onto a Part 2 and you are also able to pre-register for both.

If I am not your primary supervisor, you will need to have one in order to take part in any of my group sessions.

A further list of future groups as well as Masterclasses will be updated as spaces become available.

Please feel free to contact me at for any additional information.