As a RCS -Registered Counselling Supervisor with ACCT, The Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, I am currently offering the following:


Individual & Dyad Supervision – Annual Contract is required



General Supervision Group

Health & Wellness for Longevity – Personally & Professionally

Business Builder – Planning, Growth & Sustainability – Part 1. (Part 2 will be held in August. You can prebook)

Trauma Specific – Assessments, Treatment Planning etc,.

Trauma Education – Types, Stages, etc.,

Tools & Skills Development



Nutrition for Trauma – Helpful information about how Nutrition can help the healing process

End of Life – End of Relationship  – When a client is preparing to die, or dies suddenly.

Ending Client Relationship – Assessing whether this relationship is positive & how to Terminate if its not.

Strategic Planning Your Career – What is your 5 year plan? Your direction?

Sleep – The facts & science behind sleep and why it is so important, for you & your clients.

Compassion Fatigue &. Burnout – How do you know how you are doing? How can you assess & prevent it. How you can stop it in its tracks and heal from it.

Personal Growth – How are you making space to continually grow your learning edges?

Working with First Responders – What you need to know & how to get started.


Groups start in February and August and run for 5 months each.  The fee per group is $625 . These can be taken as supervision hours or professional development hours.  You are able to pre-book for the next session if you see something you like and do not have the schedule space to do more than one in February. Some groups will continue onto a Part 2 and you are also able to pre-register for both.

If I am not your primary supervisor, you will need to have one in order to take part in any of my group sessions.

A further list of future groups as well as Masterclasses will be updated as spaces become available.

Please contact me at for more information.