Sun Tzu – Indomitable Spirit: The Courage Within

Continuing on with our Sun Tzu theme, today is about this thing called the Indomitable Spirit aka The Courage Within.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The Battle is insecurity. It will keep you from overcoming challenges. If you expect to fall short, you will.

Character isn’t about what happens to you, but how you respond to it, personally. Who you are at the beginning of it, the middle and the end of the situation.  What you have left behind and what you will carry forward & what you may have in fact caused others to bring forward must also be brought to consideration.

The Champion has the spirit of victory in each battle. You know that with each challenge you grow smarter, stronger, more resilient and more capable of being who you are destined to be.

Indomitable Spirit is the courage within you that keeps you from defeat. This is the soul of Sun Tzu strategy and must also be at the core of your strategy, personally and in business. It makes or breaks you. Victory is a state of mind forged into every thought and experience.

Indomitable means refusing to be conquered or overcome. People with this kind of courage have had their spirits forged in adversity and through their triumps developed the mindset that victory ultimately, will always be theirs. This truth is everywhere in our life – every personal or professional battle has this rich opportunity within it.

But, success has to be first defined on your own terms. Meeting someone else’s ideas of victory will be hollow and not build your own character or strength.  However sometimes success simply means surviving to fight another day.

Sun Tzu says: “If less in numbers, be capable of defending yourself. And if in all respects unfavorable, be capable of eluding him. Hence a weak force will eventually fall captive to a strong one of it simply holds ground and conducts a desperate defense.”

There is a difference between defending yourself, your business, your family etc., and desperately trying to survive. The first is the spirit refusing to be overcome and the second is a spirit of chaos and confusion that will lead to destruction.

Where do you stand? What is your battle? What is your character? You get to decide, this is no longer anybody else’s decision or choice. How will you define your success & create your own terms? How will you celebrate your own victories & indomitable spirit?

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