Sleeping with your pet can give you a better sleep

Most pet owners understand the struggle of deciding whether your pet should sleep in your bedroom.  On one hand, you get all the cuddles but on the other, the 4am wake up call to play or feed, can be annoying.

The results of a recent small survey seem to suggest that the snoring or puppy walking across your pillow in the middle of the night, may in fact support an increased feeling of safety and security, resulting in an overall better sleep.

This study by no means race out and get a pet on this basis alone. But the research conducted by the Centre of Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in the US is one of the first projects to look at this topic.

Many pet owners view companion animals as family members and incorporate them into every aspect of their lives. Because humans spend so much time sleeping, this is a natural evolution and requires further research. Especially as we know that most pets want to sleep with us, even if we don’t them to, so its good to know what we are really getting ourselves into.

I know for myself, my pets have always slept with me and they do provide added security and safety. From providing comfort to physical and home security, knowing no intruder has a chance to sneak in with all the barking my dog would do.

It’s a matter of personal choice, but I know where I stand on it and don’t sleep well without them.  I for one am glad research is backing up, what I already know to be true personally.

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