September 29 – Consider or Enter – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

If you try to comprehend air before breathing it, you will die.

We can only consider things so long. After a while, all the information—all the options and opinions — will begin to weigh us down. After our deeper eyes have seen the situation, all the well-meaning voices telling us what we should or should not do will start to feel like strings we can’t cut through.

This was poor Hamlet’s fate. He over-thought his life away. He over-considered which way to go until he felt stalled and oppressed by just being in the world. It is natural enough to be cautious and thoughtful, especially when faced with important decisions, but often the only way to know what awaits us is to live it.

This brings to mind the revelation that came upon a Hindu sage centuries ago. One day in the middle of their morning prayers, the sage suddenly rose and ushered his students away from the monastery. He rushed about them and shooed them back into life like little ducks, proclaiming,“The day is to be experienced, not understood!”

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