September 13 – Wisdom Creatures – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

Show yourself and I will swim to you.

As spirits in bodies we live like whales or dolphins, always swimming near the surface, forever compelled by a light from above that we can’t really make out. And just as the water brushes against the eyes of these fish as they make their way in and out of the deep, the days shape how we see.

So much is going on at any one time beneath what we show the world that all our feelings, all our thoughts and expressions, splash like water on those we surface before. In this way, every person when looked squarely in the eye is a wisdom-creature, full of things that cannot be said. Each of us a spirit-fish breaking through for love and air.

We often don’t take the risk or time to stand before another long enough for their truth to surface.This is what I need, for you to wait till I can get there, all fresh from the deep. After all the trouble we go through to find each other, we must wait over and over for our loved ones to break through with their wisdom.

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