Saying Yes

Whether you like Oprah or not, her Masterclasses are great opportunities to learn from people who are actually doing what they say they want to. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is about being in the game.

Shonda Rhimes talked about changing her life by spending a year, saying “yes” first, before coming up with excuses or reasons to say no.

While at times it must have been incredibly hard, challenging and uncomfortable, at the end of it, she has lost more than 100 pounds as a by product (how great is that?) and had life changing experiences with amazing people.

Sometimes life gets so busy and it seems natural and almost nurturing to stay home and withdraw into the safety of routine. In some cases this may actually be self care, but in others it may be an “excuse” to not live life. No matter what you believe comes next, we are here, now.

It’s up to each of us to embrace what life has to offer, no matter what else is going on, no matter what has happened to us before now. Living is a choice and I think the idea of “saying yes” is an amazing gift to self.

So with that as inspiration I am going to post a few things to consider saying “yes” to in 2016.

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