Saying Yes – To Self Care

Caring for ourselves is usually the last thing on our To-Do lists, despite us knowing that it should really be the other way.

Putting our needs last is sometimes a learned behaviour related to a lack of worthiness or feeling of deserving. Other times it may be a time or resource issue.  Either way, putting self care onto the top of our priority list is necessary.

It doesn’t always have to be big extravagant gestures like Spa Days, it can be something as simple as taking the time to stop for a moment to catch your breath. It can be making a cup of tea just for yourself, wearing a texture or fabric that makes you feel nice, wearing a fragrance that makes you feel like yourself – it is anything that gives you a moment or two to yourself, that makes you smile, feel calm and at peace.

You absolutely deserve this. If you can start with 1 minute a day, that is enough… and it is a step in the right direction. Gradually increase the time by adding more time onto that 1 minute or by doing it a few times a day, whatever you can do. ¬†Eventually it won’t feel so foreign and you will begin to look forward to this time and space, will value it and teach those around you to respect your time and you.

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