Saying Yes – To Dreaming

Somewhere, somehow dreaming got a bad rap. Yet we hear the songs and phrases about dreams coming true.  So what is the real truth?

Dreams are goals, dreams are visions of our future. Dreams however can be both realistic and achievable or unrealistic and not likely to happen.  (That is most likely when you stop believing in them and they get their bad reputation.)

What is it that makes them realistic vs. unrealistic, achievable or not?  Really, that all comes down to you.

We have all heard of the “law of attraction’ or the phrase “your thoughts become things” and they are both true.  What you put your attention and focus on is what you both draw into your life and create.  What you believe will happen will happen. I’m not speaking about lottery winnings, although that would be nice, but about the real life events and happenings.

But thoughts alone, don’t make dreams come true. It is the plan and consistent actions that will get you there. Just like we know we have to get groceries and prepare the food before you can eat it, dreaming is the same thing.  You need to take steps to get from point A to B or in this case G.

So if there is something you really want, I suggest you start with the ABC’s.

A – What is it that you really want to achieve? What is your attitude about what you want and why?

B – Be really clear on what it is you want. i.e.: I need sufficient financial resources to purchase an orange Lamborghini

C – Create a plan of action that you can follow – i.e.: what skill sets do you have to earn money

D – Decide on what actions  you can take consistently to achieve your results & determine a reasonable timeline etc.

E – Get excited about it, put some energy into achieving your goals. Share the energy & excitement with others.

F – Focus on your goals, your steps to achieve your goals, being the best you that you can be in between now and then etc.,

G – Gratitude. No matter what, you must always be grateful for who you are, where you are and give back to keep the cycle going.

Yes, this is basic, but the point is to illustrate that it isn’t that dreams don’t come true, its that in most cases, you need to put in the work and effort, to get clear and take the right actions to ensure the right results.  Most often we aren’t clear, lose sight of the goals or stop in frustration from unrealistic goals not achieved when we expect to lose 100 pounds in 2 days.

Making a plan to achieve your goals will not only keep you focused, but will keep you on track with your own progress. It will help to ensure you feel in control of your choices and actions and assist you in moving forward with confidence and gratitude.

Achieving your dreams and goals is possible, it really is all up to you. The sky is the limit.




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