Saying Yes – Daring Greatly

I am doing a second post about a Brene Brown book because her topics are so relevant to the work that I do.

In her book Daring Greatly she identified three things we do to protect ourselves and three things that we should try to do.  So for the purposes of Saying Yes… I thought they would be appropriate to list here for 2016:

Three things to do more of:

  1. Believing in your own worthiness i.e.: I am enough
  2. Setting your own boundaries i.e.: I’ve had enough
  3. Engagement ie: I’m taking risks & letting myself be seen

Three things to do less of:

  1. Putting off Joy i.e.:  imagining worst case scenarios and not staying present
  2. Perfectionism ie: believing that doing everything perfectly protects us from feeling shame
  3. Numbing ie: doing anything that prevents us from feeling the pain of discomfort and shame

If a year seems too hard to commit to, try 4 months… If you can’t do all six, do the three you can…  Again, this isn’t about being perfect, it’s about actually doing. Getting in the game of your life, no matter what.


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