Saying Yes – Rising Strong

Thank God for Brene Brown.  Her research on vulnerability is incredible.

We all know that being vulnerable can feel scary, exposing and leaving us open to hurt, ridicule and pain. What she has however shown us, is that there is strength in vulnerability. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is about showing up and being present.

The courage and bravery it takes to be vulnerable is incredible.  The benefits of being able to be authentic are incalculable.  From this place, people can meet us exactly where we are and we can do the same.  We can leave our masks behind and build an incredibly strong foundation for anything to grow from. It really doesn’t get much better.

Her three main points in Rising Strong are what I do with my clients:

  1. Reckoning – Walking Into Our Story
  2. Rumble – Owning Our Story
  3. Revolution – Writing A New Ending

I sincerely hope that you say yes to Rising Strong in 2016, the possibilities are endless.

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