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I have posted Sarah on my Partner page, but if you would like to get to know more about here, her is the rest of her bio as well as the link to her website.  Please feel free to tell Sarah where you found out about her, happy to act as a referral partner for you too.

Sarah started her personal growth journey in 2000 while taking acting classes. This journey led to a desire for more healing which then inspired her to become a counsellor. A member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada [ACCT], Sarah is now a Master Registered Therapeutic Counsellor [MTC] & Registered Supervising Counsellor [RSC]. Sarah has run a private counselling practice from her home office since 2009. In addition, Sarah is an Instructor for the 8 month personal leadership/counselor training program at Clearmind International.

A bit about her healing journey…

Sarah’s life changed when she was 19 and awoke with a knife at my throat. A stranger broke in through the window and raped her at knifepoint. In addition to the rape there were: police, rape kits, courts. In the end, he served 12 years in prison.

Sarah’s entire life she felt angry, guilty and ashamed. Or when she was not feeling those things – numb or depressed and suicidal. The rape left her feeling emotionally crushed; not trusting family, friends or strangers. Feeling alone in the world. Now not even feeling safe at home, asleep.

Twelve hard years passed – both Sarah and her attacker in their own prisons. The attacker was about to be released. Sarah started a personal growth journey from this dark place; not trusting the world or others in it. Emotionally, blaming herself.

Discovering the self-blamed that existed at this emotional level was BIG information! It let the events of her life define her as bad, guilty, damaged, and unlovable. Clearly this belief system was NOT working.

Sarah discovered how to forgive herself and create a new belief system –good, innocent, lovable and pure. That we are all human beings – not a story. She discovered that the Universe actually can be a Friendly Place. The new belief system allowed room for Forgiveness, Freedom and Joy.

Sarah is passionate about forgiveness of self and other, and brings that passion to her others on their unique healing path.

If you are ready to take action toward feeling joy, passion, happiness, peace and love – Sarah will help you discover how. It’s a journey involving feeling and changing thought patterns. If you are serious about changing your life, Sarah is serious about walking with you as you work toward your personal emotional Freedom.

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