October 9 – Burning Our Way Out – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

The soul hovers like a sun within: burning its way out without ever leaving center. We call this—the burning out—passion.

From where does our passion come? It is not taught. It is only allowed through. Or not. When resisted, it carves out the heart daily. When allowed through, it rises and swells and almost drowns us with its heat. Yet somehow the steady tending of its release—not stopping it and not drowning in it— this steady, tender humility of holding our lips open to the rush of inner light, letting the vibrancy of  all feeling rush by our open mouths—this is the rhythm of grace; this is the source of all song.

Despite gravity, against gravity, in counterpoint to the weight of the world, a glowing heat that can be blocked but not contained emanates through all beings as love, thought, longing, and peace. When letting this vibrancy through, we open the common heart that lives beneath all human longing and the fire at the core begins to rise.

This rising forth is what I live for. It is what keeps me alive. If I were a dancer, I would only try to scribe this endless rising against the sky, over and over, giving it away and away. Oh the heart like a whale has no choice but to surface. Or we die. And having surfaced, we all must dive. Or  we die. And more than books or flowers or thoughtful gifts that show I know you, the dearest thing I can give is to surface with the sheen of my spirit before you. And so I look for the truest friendships, watching the deep for spirits to surface all wet with soul.

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