October 6 – Two Ways to Feel Wind – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

There are two ways to feel wind: climb into the open and be still or keep moving.

Everyone alive embodies both being and doing. The wind we create by running is the energy of becoming, and the wind that comes to us by stilling ourselves is the energy of being.

Being human, there are endless times we need to be still and as many times that we need to move. But much of our confusion as modern citizens comes from trying to have the one we are more comfortable with substitute for the other.

Those of us who struggle with being still often can’t find the native wind, while those of us uncomfortable with living in the world can retreat into a stillness that is open but often void of the energy of living.

Yet these concerns are more seamless than how we tend to discuss them. My godson Eli captured the oneness of being and becoming when going for a walk the autumn he was six. He and his father were standing in an open field bordered with maples and willows when a wind lifted through. It so excited Eli that he began to twirl and spin and run with his arms wide through the brightened trees.  Out of breath and stunned, he tugged at his father’s sleeve, exclaiming, “Daddy! Daddy! If you run too fast, you can’t tell what’s real!”

Amazingly, there is great insight in children. And great innocence. They carry a wisdom they often live but seldom know. Ironically, we spend our lives trying to regain that treasured state, where being and doing are inseparably one.

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