October 31 – Only While Loving – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“If you had a sad childhood, so what? You can dance with only one leg and see the snowflake falling with only one eye.” Robert Bly

I flew all the way to South Africa, carrying all my troubles with me, like oversize bags that no one would check, and there in the sun that lit up Capetown, I saw a boy on Green Street dancing on crutches.

I put my bags of trouble down to watch. When he was dancing, the crutches were light as drumsticks bouncing off the street. When he stopped, they became crutches again. Only while dancing, or while watching the dancer, did this make sense.

Now that I’m back, I approach things differently. For only while telling the truth does the truth lighten us. When we stop, it turns massive. I left some of my bags on that corner of Green Street somewhere below the equator. Now I carry less and try to dance on my crutches. For only while loving do the pains of feeling lighten.

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