November 9 – Diving Half Blind, Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.” Thomas Brown

The cormorant and common mure are sea birds that dive half-blind looking for food. As they go from surface to bottom, air bubbles get caught in their feathers, and this makes them shine. Thus, as they dive, they turn silver.

So too, we; for don’t our bubbles of pain get trapped in our feathers, turning to jewels the closer we get to the current under everything? This is a baptism of true feeling: the deeper we go, the slower the world; the slower the world, the softer our way. So we must keep calling each other into theĀ  depths of what we know. For below the surface, we all shine. Diving in, we all turn silver.

Given to air alone, the cuts of this world burn. But when we dare to enter what is deep, the bruises we carry soften and glow. In truth, the more we accept our limitations and surrender to the depths below our woundedness, the more the vastness holds us up. There is no way to know this but to dive.

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