November 23 – Risk and Truth – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“Empower me to exercise the authority of honesty, and be a participant in the difficult ordinariness of now.” Ted Loder

Once there were two friends, and one was very daring in the way she met experience, always trying new things, always breaking new paths. The other was more timid in the world, but had the strength to look directly at the truth of any situation. They helped each other grow.

In time, they fell in love and became partners: the one leading them into new experience, the other showing them the truth of where they’d been.This worked for many years, but eventually, the one who was daring wanted to go farther and farther into the world and the one who could see theĀ  truth of things wanted to go further and further into his sense of truth.

Eventually, they had to go their own ways, which was very sad. But the one who was daring had to discover her own ability to see the truth, and the one who could look directly at any situation had to discover his own ability to break new paths.

It took another lifetime, but they met again, these friends who had become lovers who had found their own way, and while each needed the other less, they wanted each other more.

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