November 14 – The Cost of Splitting – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“To birth the baby and to dwell on the baby at the same time engenders madness.” Chogyam Trungpa

Try as we will, we cannot be both participant and observer at the same time without splitting ourselves. Madness it seems is the cost of splitting ourselves in the midst of our experience. To dwell on our next gesture or reply while a truth is being shared splits the heart’s capacity to feel. To dwell on our bodies while making love splits the capacity of two hearts to bond. To dwell on our reward while performing a kindness splits our authenticity.

It is at times the hardest thing a human being must do: When looking in the eye of a dear one, we must look in the very eye of that dear one. When stepping on a dried leaf, we must be there stepping on the very dryness of that hardened leaf. When feeling the face of a stranger’s dog, we must without distraction feel the dog’s panting in the cavern of our heart.

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