Never too late …

As we begin this new year, many of you have made resolutions, many have not. Some are still keeping them, others are not.  Some didn’t make any at all, but set intentions instead.  There is no one “right” way to start a new year, or a new anything for that matter.  This is where your ability to have choice in your life, can come into play.

For myself, last year, after working with some clients on consistency, decided to post from
The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo, every day for a year, to build my own consistency muscles, while helping my clients doing the same, from reading the posts daily either on my website, my Facebook page, or with their own copy.  The idea was do something daily, to build from, that would help with self mastery, capacity & resiliency, while building confidence,  habits and support for themselves, to do whatever they wanted in their lives.

Quite often when there has been trauma, this consistency piece is missing.  As proven by the last year, it is something you can work with to change for yourself, that will allow you to take the next steps that you wish to take.  This doesn’t mean you have to pick a project for a year – it just means you can start, have impact, in any way that you feel is right for you.

I also intentionally didn’t create this post until today, because for some reason, people think if they didn’t start it on the 1st, it doesn’t matter, its too late etc.,  It is never too late, it is never the wrong day to start doing something positive for yourself… even if today isn’t your day, it doesn’t mean tomorrow isn’t.

I encourage and support you to consider what is right for you as we head into this next year.  I also encourage you to perhaps suspend judgement, and give yourself permission to look at options, that may be the right choice for you.  You can also choose your timeline ie: you can do something every day, you can do it for a series of weeks or months – you get to decide.  The most important part is to make a choice, otherwise life will make it for you, which may not always seem like progress or the progress you are hoping for.

What have you got to lose, and perhaps it is worthing considering what you may gain instead…


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