Neurobiology – Brain to Brain

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but our left and right brains know nothing about each other until we are about 8 years old and the corpus callosum grows & connects them.

So essentially what that means is that our left brain, the logical side has no awareness of what the right brain, that controls our feelings, senses, responses etc., has experienced and vice versa.

As a parent, this makes perfect sense as there is no logic that will ever stop a temper tantrum. *lol*

But what it also means, is that our physical body has memories that will get triggered, both good and bad, that the left side of our brain will be at a loss to explain or understand.

In trauma victims, it has been shown that the neural fibres are smaller and less robust. I won’t go into the implications of that here, but suffice to say there is a difference in the connections.

I mention this in order to give people a sense of understanding and perhaps relief, that what they are feeling may not always make logical sense and there is a reason why, but it doesn’t mean what they are feeing isn’t true for them.



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