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Hello again.  Today’s post is in response to questions I have received recently about why I chose to train with Marisa Peer, using her methods, to then share them with you, my clients.   As you know, most of my blogs are about sharing information and introducing myself to you so you can learn about me, to see if we may be a potential fit personality, knowledge and style wise. It is so important to work with the right therapist, so being able to make informed decisions is really important.   With that in mind, I was asked if I did any work with Marisa. In the spirit of honesty and to show just how much I believe in Marisa and her method I will share my own experience.

After being accepted into Marisa’s training program we were given the opportunity to put our names forward if there were any issues we wanted to address. The concept was about adding in live training examples to help teach the theoretical training we were receiving. As you have read in some of my other posts, I have struggled with my weight issues for the past 16 years, but body image & confidence since I was 5 and went on my first diet.  I consider myself to be an intelligent woman and understood the calories in, calories out, healthy eating & exercise models – but they didn’t work.  I trained to run marathons, did Kundalini Yoga teacher training and was always on the go doing something – so understand about how the body works, yet the weight didn’t budge.

When the weight didn’t shift, my confidence took a real hit and I started stepping back and out of my life, because I was embarrassed of how I looked. I avoided any situations where I had to be seen. How could I be credible and help others when I couldn’t even take care of myself? I felt like a fraud which honestly then made the emotional eating – which was chocolate & chips, always together – come on in full force. My head knew this was happening, but I couldn’t seem to make it stop.

All this to say, that when the opportunity presented, the part of me that truly wanted to finally fix this once and for all, spoke up and put my name down. Was I scared? Absolutely ! The insecure part of me never thought I would be chosen.  So imagine my surprise when I was asked to come up on stage to work with Marisa. Not only was I going to be hypnotized, it was going to be at this weight & size, while being seen by 60+ classmates, assistants etc.,  Yipes !

Given my background which I have also shared with you – being vulnerable, exposed and trusting someone to hypnotize me on stage, was a minor miracle in and of itself.  But what happened next for me, was the real miracle and why I can absolutely without hesitation, endorse this method and use it with you.

Having never been hypnotized before I had no idea what to truly expect. But given I believed so much in Marisa, trusted she was the best person to ever do my personal work with, so I surrendered and stepped into what was scary.  I listened to her voice and soon was in a relaxed, comfortable state of hypnosis. I was aware of everything and everyone around me, I felt safe and that I still had the choice to speak, move my body etc., In that state there were no nerves, no anxiety of being on stage, being seen – none of that mattered or even came into my awareness. What a nice change !  As the session progressed we accessed some of the missing pieces that held some of the clues for my emotional eating. It was emotional but not painful, it was a letting out of emotions vs. feeling the pain, if that makes sense.  Making the connections from actions, meanings & behaviours helped shift those feelings from inside to outside, to let them go.

At the end of the first session I felt huge shifts inside and even felt comfortable during the Q & A session at the front of the class afterwards, despite not knowing if I had cried my mascara all the way down my face and was sitting there looking like a bad Halloween character. *lol*   That night back in my room I threw out all the chips, chocolate and candy I had in my room, with no hesitation, feeling or emotions attached. Quite simply, I was no longer interested.

The next day, I was invited to do a follow up session, as an example to the class what it would look like. I noticed in that moment I was asked, it felt like a good thing, not something to run away from.  This feeling previously would have been anxiety and a quick run through of my brain to find any excuse to get out of it mixed with a fear of taking up too much space, others should have their turn etc.

Our second session started the same way and I soon found myself in that calm, relaxed state of exploration, guided by Marisa’s questions.  The pieces that we accessed were the ones that kept me hooked into the emotional eating, explained why I was holding on to them, what my conflicting beliefs were and how they had, kept me stuck. By the end of the session, I felt lighter, physically & emotionally. I felt like I truly had found all of the missing pieces and was now free of not only the weight issue, but the fear, the shame & embarrassment of being seen.

Every day afterwards those feelings of confidence, happiness, freedom only intensified. My classmates, Marisa etc., kept on telling my daily how much lighter I looked, how I looked younger, how I was glowing. Not only did I see that it was true, I actually allowed their words and comments into my heart and accepted them as the truth about me.

To this day, I have not once felt like emotionally eating. I haven’t had chips or chocolate since and don’t miss them at all. I have been down the candy, chip & chocolate aisle, even recommended and purchased items for other people and there is nothing there anymore. No desire, no interest, nothing, it is simply gone.

The physical weight is shifting, just as the emotional weight shifted. I am no longer afraid to be seen,  I no longer feel like a fraud. I no longer feel embarrassed.  I truly feel free of this issue that it is just a part of my past. My two sessions with Marisa did what almost 30 years of traditional therapy couldn’t do.  They transformed my life and that is why I know I can help you too.

If you’re ready to change your life, let me know. What have you got to lose?


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