More of your questions – Q & A Part 2

As promised, I said I would answer more of your questions, so please keep them coming and I will do my best to answer them.

  1. My friend worked with you and said you had both a personal & professional approach to helping him.  Can you tell me what he meant by that?  To be honest, I take healing very seriously and in fact refer to it as the “business” of healing.  Perhaps it is because the first 20+ years of my career were spent in the business arena.  I learned how companies built themselves from nothing, recovered after issues of finance, economy, staffing, internal & external struggles, competition etc., struggled with their growth & success and also those who recreated themselves, rebranded, merged or were acquired.  I was able to take all of these elements and create a comparable model of how to take the “business” of your healing seriously.  I use some of the same skills & training from business world and use them with my trauma training to help you now. I know when I started my healing, I wanted to do it once, do it effectively, have a plan for what was going to happen and how I would see & track my results.  That said, the approach I use is also very personal, compassionate and dedicated to work with you, at your own pace.  I hope this answers your question, but if not, please feel free to reach out and I will try again.
  2. You work with both men & women, how does that happen?  I have to be honest, when I started in this profession I was told by almost everybody that men don’t want help and that the majority of my clients will be women.  I know trauma impacts both male & female and while some of the hurts are the same, other areas are extremely different. I think perhaps my business background originally drew male clients to me, based on my approach – but what keeps men coming back and referring their friends is the relationships we build together, that are based on mutual respect and trust, and of course results. Surprisingly and yet so incredibly rewarding, my client split right now is almost 50/50 male & female.  I work with individuals who wants to genuinely heal and live their authentic lives. If you have a specific issue around me working with both men & women, we can address this together in a personal exchange.
  3. Can I do this work without my family knowing?  That is hard to answer.  Depending on your age, we may need to look at this differently. For purposes of this post I am assuming a mature adult of appropriate, legal age. If you mean confidentially, yes of course, whatever we do is private. If you are referring to any stigma attached to this issue, I would honestly say that people will notice that you are doing something, because you are changing.  They won’t know what you are doing unless you tell them, but they will notice some differences. Given that healing is generally a positive thing, most of the changes presumably will be good things for you and your life. If this issue is more specific about your family, perhaps we are best to deal with it offline on a situation, case by case basis.
  4. I see you work with people all over the world, are there any restrictions?  Given the technology we have today, the only real limitations we may have are bad internet / phone connections,  a language barrier or time zone issue.  But nothing we cannot figure out in advance. If there is a language barrier, should you wish, I can also see about a referral to a therapist who may speak your language. Another alternative would be a trusted interpreter.  Where there is a will, there is a way.
  5. If there was one thing you could tell me before I started to work with you, what would it be? I would tell you that you are more than anything that ever happened to you, you are more than what was done to you or what you have done to survive. I would tell you that our story is what has kept us alive and there is love, peace & honour to be found in every story, if you know where to look and how to see it differently.

I hope I have understood your questions and answered them clearly. If not, please continue to email me and we can continue to post answers here or we can speak on a one to one basis if the situation necessitates it.

As always, I love hearing from you.


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