May 14 – A Game of See-Saw – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

The greatest defence is being who you are. 

How often are we drawn into opposition with one another. Certainly, there are times that conflict is inevitable. There is only one parking space. There is only one donut left. There is only one job in view.

But most of the time, on the inner plane, there is plenty to go around, and it is more a game of see-saw; to keep myself up, or to keep my sense of how I see myself up, I somehow feel the need to put you down.

This only diverts me from my path and sucks all my energy into a battle that often doesn’t matter. In truth, no amount of rearranging the world will make us feel worthy. The only response to adversity or misunderstanding is to be more completely who we are – to share ourselves more. Otherwise, we are always reacting and countering and never doing.

Just look to the flowers and trees. They do not suppress each other. Even when crowded, they show themselves and grow in all directions and so make it to the light.

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