Katalyst – Why Virtual ?

Katalyst has been meeting the needs of our clients by working in a virtual environment since 2007.

The decision was made because my corporate clients were busy and their travelling time was at a premium. Being able to talk from their cars, offices etc., met the needs of this niche. For my clients with physical aliments or those with trauma backgrounds, safety and physical care is their first priority. Being able to  to work together “virtually” removes the element of physical stress / energy loss from personal care, travel etc., And finally, as I currently have clients in 12 countries, being able to do this in a variety of formats, makes this all possible with no geographic boundaries.

Given I work virtually, I can assure you that I have taken additional training to ensure that all of our communications are dealt with in accordance with Best Practices for privacy, client confidentiality etc., and there is no difference in service level.

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