Katalyst – The Big Picture

I believe we collect skills, tools and talents as we move through life.  Sometimes we learn things simply for personal interest, other times with goals in mind. What I find truly amazing is when you surrender and trust that it will all make sense, some day.

The rebranded Katalyst is that day.

While recovering from another health crisis that presented because I had disconnected my head and body and in fact made them enemies that didn’t listen to each other, much less co-operate, I knew something had to change, that I was missing something.

I knew that if I didn’t figure this out, I would miss out on my life in general, my relationships with my husband, my friends and family and would not have the opportunity to be of service, contribute and give back to this world I live in.

Health issues force you to take stock of what is important, what really matters, what you have done/are doing and more importantly, once you get to the other side, what are you going to do now?

Surviving trauma, stress, health etc., all have similar awakening moments where we search for meaning and value, trying to plan our next steps.  Both to feel human, but also to work towards being alive and in balance so you will never be in this place / situation again.

For me, that search led to having an honest look at what I really wanted to do with my life.  What my health capacity would allow and what would support a balanced life for myself, my family and my clients both now and long into the future.

I took stock of what skills, talents and resources I had and identified those I needed, both personally and professionally. It was hard, honest and humbling to see these things, but also freeing. I also had to learn to see the gifts that being ill had presented me with, as I knew if I held onto the hatred of what ill health was taking from me, it would still have the power to do so.

In counselling we call this re-framing, but I didn’t know that back then. So that is what I did, I found the gifts that came from being sick, then rebuilt my life according to what I had discovered was of true meaning and value to me.  That is how Katalyst was born.  Like life, it was fluid, grew and changed and has now developed into something that to me, feels perfect.

Working with people through their biggest challenges, to help them come through to the other side, to live a life with meaning, joy and purpose. What bigger privilege and honour could there be.  I can say this honestly, as I did it for myself first, that I have walked in similar shoes and look forward to taking this journey with you, no matter how big or small, how fast or slow.

I know for myself trust, safety and security were critical issues. I had to learn what they were and how to feel them, but didn’t know how. I learned first by extending the trust to those who shared my experiences and wanted to help me along the way. Learning to trust them, helped me to learn to trust myself.  That truly was my first step, taking the chance, the leap of faith to trust them first. I know just how hard that is, almost impossible, but I promise, taking the first step towards wanting to build trust while being in relationship, is enough. It’s the start and I will meet you exactly where you are with loving, gentle, compassion and understanding.



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