Katalyst – Past & Present

After a 20 year career working on large capital campaigns, business growth & development, strategic mergers & acquisitions, I started to focus on the people side of change that was seemingly overlooked in the day to day ‘business of doing business.”

Just as businesses needed organizational and strategic planning to meet their goals, so did people. Businesses prepared vision, mission and mandates to guide their every action, but people didn’t seem to have the same careful planning for their own lives and careers. For those who did have a plan, there was no Plan B or backup option to deal with changes, set backs or blocks, personal or professional, that got in the way.

I quickly realized that the skills I used to be part of a $100M capital campaign, a $1.7B acquisition team, to convert a private family company to a multi million dollar publicly traded company, to bring an idea inspired by a tragedy through to a successful non profit meeting the needs of people on an International basis, could be added to the new training & education, in a unique combination,  to meet the needs of people.

Not just business people, but regular day to day people who just wanted to know how to figure out the next steps in their lives. This was the inspiration for rebranding & re-launching Katalyst. To help people who are serious about the business of building and/or rebuilding their lives.

Catalyst by definition “is a person or thing that precipitates an event”. What we strive to do, is to be that “thing” through knowledge, skills, awareness and action plans, that helps you to meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Quite often it is our lives that have gotten in the way. We sabotage ourselves without knowing or understanding why. We don’t step up and into our power, own our abilities and strengths or feel the confidence to take forward movement to achieve and expand.

We repeat patterns, decisions, actions and relationships that don’t support us or our growth. Or worse yet, we continue to plod along, living half a life, knowing that there must be more, but haven’t got a clue how to get there.

This is when Kimberly & Katalyst can help. To make sense of the past stories that have become our beliefs and created this present situation and is affecting your future. Then together, we can plan on how to make strategic, implemented changes that you can integrate for sustainable change, personal and professional growth.

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