July 25 – Cracks of Light – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“The human soul is to God is as the flower to the sun; it opens at its approach and shuts when it withdraws.” Benjamin Whichcote

God, like the sun, emanates on all: on the hill exposed in the open, on the plant growing in the window, even on the weed getting cracks of light under the porch. The same source of spirit emanates on our different lives, regardless of our circumstance. Thus our experience and perception of God in the world may be limited and different, may even change, but that doesn’t define or limit the Source.

And though the sun papers to disappear every day, it is the Earth that turns away, causing night. Likewise, when it appears that God is nowhere to be found, it is we, in the turmoil of our lives who turn away or are turned away and back, again and again.

But unlike weeds that grow under the porch, we can move back into the light.

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