July 16 – The Magic of Peace – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

As the lungs remember to breathe, even when we sleep, the spirit keeps us alive through the dream of our will. 

It is said that Merlin, when training young Arthur in the woods of Camelot, told him that the only difference between magicians and the rest of us is that magicians accept that our will is but a dream. Certainly, we decide what clothes to buy and what car to drive and even how to spend our days. But these are like stones a hungry fish mouths along the bottom as the river sweeps its small life along.

Still, we devote ourselves to these small things, for the is what we do, and it is true, God is inside every particular. Yet, often, we survive, and even thrive, not because of our endless schemes but in spite of them.

But what I need to tell you is that I met Merlin in a dream, and I asked him about being alive. He wanted to know if I knew Arthur and, after a time, he whispered, “Go beneath the many languages of desire, for our peace depends on whether we fight or ride the stream.”

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