January 21 – To See with Love – Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.” Jack Kornfeld

Each of us spins repeatedly from blindness to radiance, from dividedness to wholeness, and it is is our impulse to stay in touch with all that is alive that keeps us from staying lost.  It is the impulse to be intimate.

It brings to mind the young, blind French boy, Jacques Lusseyran, who, in learning how to navigate his way among the other forms of life in his darkness, stumbled onto the secret of undivided living.

Young Lusseyran said, “It is more than seeing them, it is turning in on them and allowing the current they hold to connect with one’s own, like electricity. To put it differently, this means an end of living in front of things and beginning of living with them. Never mind if the words sound shocking, for this is love.”

To live with things and not in front of them, to no longer watch, but to realize that we are part of everything we see – this is the love that keeps moving us back into wholeness when divided. To love by admitting our connection to everything is how we stay well. ¬†Allowing the current of another’s inwardness to connect with our own is the beginning of both intimacy and enlightenment.

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