It’s never too late…

Today I read an article in the Psychotherapy Networker by Daniel Siegel about how he started working with a client who was 92  and worked with him until his passing at 99 years of age.

To be honest I was struck with the honesty of the situation in and of itself, as who would typically think of starting their own personal work at that age?  For context, it was his son who brought him to Dr. Siegel, after seeing a change in his father after his mother was sick with pneumonia.  While she recovered her health, his affect still remained different.

This gentleman had been a lawyer during his working life, so had a highly developed left brain, with all of the “L’s i.e.: it develops  later, its logical, it has a linear approach, that uses language and deductive reasoning and it likes making lists… ”

The interesting part was that for his entire life, when people asked him how he felt, he didn’t have any idea how to answer that question. This became his quest during his final years, to develop his right hemisphere and learn how to feel…

Among other things, he used his left side and all its skills and talents to help him develop his right side and was able to connect into what had caused him to shut down those pieces that were not deemed “safe” any longer.

Prior to his passing, he was able to feel, let people know him, care for him, care and express his feelings for others and everything that feeling entails. I can’t help but thinking what a gift this must have been for him and his family.

It just goes to show, that it really is never too late…

This to me was so inspiring and I am going to give consideration to what it is that I want to do, try, learn, develop, experience, that perhaps before I had thought was out of reach or its time had passed.

Is there anything you want to explore? If he could start at age 92, surely you can start from where you are too…. I know you’re worth it.


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