In Loving Memory – Psalm Isadora

Many of you will not know who Psalm Isadora was, much less know she passed away this weekend.

I met Psalm four years ago and over the years, have had the privilege of working with her,  doing some of my own personal healing work as well as training with her to bring her teachings & methods to my clients.

Walking similar paths, Psalm openly shared everything she had learned to reclaim her life, her body, her spirit and her soul, to help me personally and both of our client groups.

Psalm used her life as a platform, shared her story to help others and never hid from its costs or the heartbreak of seeing so many others move through the same experiences. Psalm did her own work, did her healing and moved through her issues in order to live a full life, on her own terms and then spent her life, helping others do the same.

I admired Psalm as I have tried to do the same, use my life story & experience to help others, to move through pain so our lives are not lost because of the pains we have endured.  To turn the story from a prison into freedom.

Psalms passing reminds us that life is fragile and tomorrow is never promised, so do today what you can and make every moment count.

Personally,  I will honour and continue to do the work that our lives & experiences have dictated, that  our souls and the souls of those still suffering call for.

I know that I have many helpers in doing this incredible work and I know that Psalm would want us all to continue and will do what she can from the other side.

Wishing you love Psalm… your legacy is strong and continues….


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  1. Margaret Jordan

    Rest in peace lovely soul.

  2. Efetobore Agindotan

    No no no no no 😖

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