Can you imagine what your life will be like in 2 years, 5 years , 10 years or more?  Can  you even picture it? Do you know what you are capable of, what you can learn and what you can achieve? If you can imagine it, do you know how you will get to where you want to be?

Can you imagine your future without being involved in it?  To just rely on others to plan your fate?  To just stumble along blindly, hoping that it will all work out. To be at the mercy of others decisions and actions.

I know for some people faith is involved in this equation as in having faith and belief it will all work out.  I am not trying to challenge anybody’s faith, what I am saying is that you still need to do your part, to engage in your own life, while operating from a place of faith and belief.

There is a story of a drowning man who tells the three boats who have shown up to help him to go away, he is waiting for “God” to save him.  Then when he gets to the pearly gates and asks God why he didn’t save him, the reply he received was “Who do you think sent you the boats?”

What this means for me is that you also have to have faith and belief in yourself, take action and be part of your own success.  Yes absolutely there are powers and forces, coincidences and synchronicity, but wouldn’t it be better to be in a place to be able to work with these pieces for your own success, rather than having them derail you?

Imagine how you might do things differently if anything was possible and you knew you could rely on and believe in yourself and your decisions.  How different would your world, life and future be – for yourself, your loved ones?  It’s worth considering how amazing things can be rather than staying stuck and bouncing along with no aim, direction or purpose.

Taking the first step to imagine, to see the options and opportunities can be scary and trigger feelings of not being enough, being stupid, not being worthy to achieve or receive what you want. Then if my some miracle you can come up with this amazing picture of what you want in your life, having the tools to take the steps to create the bridge between your current reality and the vision of your future can bring up a whole other sets of triggers and fears.  Without having a partner to help you through either or both of these, it can be scary and potentially defeating before it has even begun.

I believe you deserve better than to live from this place and would love to help you.



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