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  1. What is the difference between counseling & coaching? Coaching is intended for those who want to reach a higher level of performance, satisfaction or learning.  Therapy is for those who are seeking relief from emotional or psychological pain, that is affecting their lives in known and unknown ways. Coaching is often used concurrently with therapy but should not be considered a substitute for therapy. Coaching focuses on the present and future while therapy focuses primarily on the past, how it affects the present and your future. They cross over when unresolved issues are impacting the present. In coaching the question is what can be done today to move the client forward toward their goals and the realization of their vision. Coaches rarely give advice. They don’t diagnose. Instead, they work with you to come up with your own solutions, to make your own choices, and they support you to stay on track and take the actions that bring about transformation.Coaches differ from personal helpers such as friends and family because coaches don’t have a personal stake in the choices you make. Coaches aren’t affected by what you do or don’t do the way family and friends are. That means that coaches can be more objective, unbiased and impartial.  Coaches take you as you are right now and help you find out how you’d how you’d like to be different in your life. And then we coach you to achieve it.
  1. Why is Katalyst unique ? Katalyst believes that for the most part our current actions are dictated and directed by something that came before it. When our pasts have been healthy those decisions support us. When our pasts have perhaps not been the healthiest, the resulting effect can cause blocks, patterns of behaviour, mistaken beliefs about self and others, that result in living a life that is different from our goals and dreams. The option to combine the tools to discover & correct some of these past beliefs and blocks is an added value to the coaching relationship. It is absolutely the right and choice of the client to focus on forward actions and plans.
  1. Can I be coached without being counseled? Can I be counseled without being coached? Yes, absolutely ! Neither one is done without your express permission.  The inclusion of both sets of skills can be complimentary, but both can be done effectively without each other.
  2. Do you work with only trauma clients? No, I work with everybody. In my coaching practice I work with any individual wanting to make changes in their lives. My multiple certifications ensure that I can work with clients within the full spectrum of growth potential – business and personal.  In my counselling practice I will also work with anybody who wants to grow from their past issues. I do however offer specialized tools and concentrations to work with trauma victims – in both my coaching and counselling practice, as it is a unique skill set. Further, the long term effects of un-dealt with trauma are pervasive and affect all areas of life.  Having this experience myself, gives me both a unique perspective from which to help, but also a way for me to help others, just as I have been helped.

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