Do You Hate Being Uncomfortable?

If so, then you are like most of the population.  It makes sense, who wants to feel bad or agitated?

That said, have you ever wondered about this thing we have called our comfort zone? Have you considered whether it actually has a time limit, should be upgraded or updated? When was it created? Does it still have any value?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have things that comfort you, but in doing so, they should serve you and not hold you back.

So perhaps a change in perception is possible around the feelings themselves. We at some point gave being “uncomfortable” the meaning and association of being something bad and to be avoided and then developed mechanisms and behaviours to do so.

What if we stopped for a moment and thought it was just a simple sign for us, from us, proof that change was happening, a growth opportunity speaking loud enough for you to hear?  Instead of trying to stop it by shutting it down, soothing it – maybe it has a different message for you?

What if stepping into that feeling we formerly knew as “being  uncomfortable” could be changed to “tangible proof things inside of you are growing and changing for the better?”.

Then you could simply enjoy other things, for the sake of enjoying them.

I would say its worth a try… are you willing to risk it?

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