Neurobiology – Curiosity

Did you know that curiosity, among other things, enhances the brain and stimulates improved learning and memory?

Basically curiosity recruits the reward system. Then the interactions between the reward system and the hippocampus seem to put the brain in a state where you are more likely to learn and retain information, even if that information is not of particular interest or importance.

That said, once you get the brain started with curiosity and dopamine, the brain becomes like a sponge and ready to soak up whatever is happening.

I might also add in brief detail, the when you are curious it is impossible to be triggered in that moment as it is a different area of your brain, connected to different areas that are not “survival” based.

On a basic level, if you are feeling at all triggered, or like something might lead you in that direction, start to ask questions.  Any question really. The goal is to stimulate a different area of your brain to block the trigger response and instead stimulate the reward / dopamine.  Your brain can’t do both at once…


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