We are all so much more than our stories, the words we use, the value & meaning we assign to our experiences and the masks we wear to keep all of this inside, while not letting it show on the outside. Life is hard enough without carrying baggage that affects us in ways, we continually repeat without even knowing it.

I believe that the best teachers have gone through the experiences for themselves, made the mistakes, had the blocks, participated in self sabotage and yet have found a way through and past these experiences. They have walked the walk and can travel with you authentically from a place of deep understanding, compassion & empathy, until you reach where you want to be.

I also believe that trauma and abuse have deep impact that can affect us in every possible way. From our day to day personal relationships at home and at work, to how we treat ourselves and others and ultimately what we achieve in life. Have you ever thought how different your life could be if the past was no longer in the present, dictating the future?

It is my intention to work with people who have experienced trauma and abuse, to help them to move past limiting thoughts, beliefs or actions, caused by their traumas,  that are currently blocking them from being who they truly are & living the lives they want to live, personally and professionally.

Experiencing the trauma was hard enough. My goal is to work in gentle but effective ways towards the healing you are looking for. The methods I use will create healing bridges from your past to your present, so you can be confident about yourself and your future and step back into your life to live it as big as you want to.