Counselling 101

Life can be hard enough all on its own, without anything else to add to it. So I will try to keep this as simple as possible.

The area that I focus on is how our life stories have created who we are and the many masks we wear as we walk through lives. Besides being exhausting it can actually do us a disservice if we are believing, behaving and acting on beliefs of ourselves from these stories & masks that are not correct and actually prevent us from being in integrity with ourselves.

In my experience, from a young age, we all learned to wear many masks in order to survive and succeed. We needed to be one person at home, one person at school, another with our friends and yet another for work or social events. If we were hurt or traumatized along the way, the number or depth of the masks increased exponentially.

What I try to help you do is look into the stories and beneath the masks, to see where they came from, what value they still have and to see if they are still needed or just modified to keep you, you.  Sometimes all it takes for progress is to see something differently. We can never change what happened, but we can take steps to limit / correct or alter the impacts, especially when they are self defeating and preventing us from living a full and complete life.

We all deserve healing, to be our best selves, whatever that looks like.  The modalities that I work with, are the same ones that helped me overcome multiple traumas over the years.  I believe in them wholeheartedly and know they can help you too.

Given I work with a few modalities, I won’t try to jam them all in here, but will do them the honour of giving them their own posts.  It is really important that the methods you use to heal, resonate with you, so I will try to be as honest and descriptive as possible while representing both the technical aspects of them, and my own experience and beliefs so you can make some informed decisions about how you may want to move forward.

When you are ready, I am here to help you put the masks down to see what is underneath. With compassion, gentleness and true understanding to stand along side you on your journey.



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