Coaching in general is about creating a future that is different from the one that you would have achieved by default.

Coaching is about stepping outside of your comfort zone to experience what is possible.

Coaching is about learning to see and do things differently, so you can show up in a different way and create results that would have seemed impossible before.

Coaching quite simply starts with one question – can you help me? Those with a history of trauma often find this the hardest question to ask. If you are prepared to consciously, deliberately and courageously do the work, the answer is a resounding yes.

Trauma recovery coaching starts from the premise that trauma affects survivors in every aspect of their life. So our coaching together will cover all areas of your life, to see where the effects are present.

By combining imagination and action, we can create your vision, develop a measureable plan of action to strategically implement and track it so you know your own progress.

It’s a given that once one thing starts to change in one area, other areas will be impacted and affected. To that end, we can work on advanced, yet fluid planning elements to capture and overcome any potential obstacles or challenges that may arise, business or personal.

In order to ensure your success, I have intentionally obtained specialized training in multiple areas so I have knowledge and experience to keep up on track no matter what comes up /into play. It is my goal to be your constant supporter and ally, with only your best interests in mind, to help you achieve far more than you thought possible.

So if you are ready to make lasting changes in your life, take the first step and contact me. Together we will make a personalized plan that we can work on within the timeline that works best for you.