Choosing to see things differently

How we see things, depends on how we have experienced our lives before this moment.

In my coursework we are reminded of Einstein’s response to “What is the most important question?” – ” Is the world a friendly place or not?”.

If you grew up experiencing and believing that the world is a friendly place, your outlook on life is much different from someone who has experienced only life in the opposite way.

Depending on when life was first perceived as being unfriendly, the deeper this belief will go.  Typically if your belief is that the world is an unfriendly place, some sort of hurt, abuse or abandonment has happened.  If this happened in the years before our cognitive ability caught up to our age, our only option was to believe that we were the cause, that we were bad, wrong, not safe, not good enough, unloveable etc.,  We simply didn’t have the mental capacity to understand a larger picture, with responsibility going to others.

From this place, we develop what is called a “mistaken belief” about ourselves, that forms the foundation for everything that follows. i.e.: If the world is unfriendly, it isn’t safe for us, so we always see things from that perspective.   What we don’t realize however is that these beliefs are not correct and in not knowing, we continue to keep ourselves prisoner by these beliefs.

Long after our abusers are gone, we continue to keep ourselves in the same places of hurt, blame, guilt & shame. We continue to believe we are unworthy, not deserving, unloveable etc., and view the world and everything in it from this place.  We keep ourselves hostage by these beliefs and if we are not careful, will spend our entire lives this way.

But what if there was something we could do differently?  What if we could look at the same picture and come up with a different answer? Something that supports and sustains us in moving forward with a new, amazing life that we thought impossible?

That is where I come in. I can work with you to help you to see things in your life differently, even those things that caused you pain and especially those things that you have done, that you hold yourself responsible for. I know learning to see myself and my world differently, freed me to see life as it really was and to create the life of my dreams. It would be my honour to help you do the same for yourself and the life you deserve to live.

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