Character – Why Does It Matter?

Hi there, I realize its been a while, so I am going to just bust myself and say that while I was busy (like we all are), I didn’t make the time to do a blog post.  I could also give a dozen or so reasons why being busy was “more important’ than writing, but I won’t.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about character, morals & values and one of the lines that stuck out for me in my reading was ” who you are on the inside, determines how you live your life outside”.

I realize that our character is the total of all that we are, the qualities and traits we are now, plus our identity that has been shaped by our morals and values and is shown by how we live our lives.

I also realize that we shape and create our character by every decision we make – both “good” and “bad”.  I love the fact that because we are doing this all the time, we can also stop doing things that give us pause and start doing things that support the direction we want to head in.

If we look at that a bit further, our character is kind of like our stamp, or our imprint on others. So if it is really that important, and it is defined by the actions we consistently take and how consistently we live our beliefs, it made me wonder about timing, scheduling, balance etc,.

And the honest answer is, I have made it a habit, not to do the blog posts when I should. I’m sure it started innocently enough with something that happened to interrupt me, but now that one interruption has become the norm. So in order to change this, I am going to look at the motivation of why I originally felt doing these blog posts was important, to find my own personal leverage to keep this on the schedule.

It also means being really honest with myself about my real habits.  So what I am going to do, is take a look at my motivations and habits, to see where I really want to be & what I am doing that is preventing me from doing the things that I say I want to do.  Then I am going to measure the costs and set myself an action plan to move in a different direction.

It might be something really simple as re-prioritzing things or just changing the meaning I assign to others. Because what I know to be true, is that my character means a lot to me and being inconsistent isn’t something I want in my character, so I am committing to change that by doing my own work in this area.

I love how life continues to give us opportunities to continue to learn and grow…  do you have any habits that are holding you back, or making you seem like some one you are not? How are your actions reflecting your character?

As usual the awareness is the first step, followed of course by action…

What are you going to take a closer look at, what actions are you taking that might be speaking louder than words?


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