Change Management 101

Traditional change management is defined as “The application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.”

The structured process that I use is called ADKAR. It is a goal oriented change management model that allows individuals to focus their activities on specific measurable results.

There is a five step process review, that is completed for every element involved in the situation that needs to be changed.  The process helps identify where the blocks are, so we can focus our attention on where the problem is. Then build an actionable, measurable plan to move forward.

There are no limits to how this model can be applied and once you know how to apply it effectively in your own life, the skills remain with you as second nature.

There is so much more to change management, but it really is as it sounds, managing change in a specific way to ensure the best possible, long term, sustainable results.

When applied alone or in combination with other modalities, the sky is the limit.

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