• Saying Yes – Rising Strong

    Thank God for Brene Brown.  Her research on vulnerability is incredible. We all know that being vulnerable can feel scary, exposing and leaving us open to hurt, ridicule and pain. What she has however shown us, is that there is strength in vulnerability. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is…

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  • Saying Yes – Colour Run

    Inspired by Shonda Rhimes and her year of saying “yes”  here is another idea for 2016: I hadn’t heard of The Color Run until one night, when I was sitting at the airport lounge on my way to the UK and one of my girlfriends posted a picture to her…

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  • Partner – Kirsten Starcher

    As Kirsten is currently travelling in India, I copied this directly from her website so you could get to know a bit about her, in her own words now… Throughout my life, I’ve balanced on that line between creative and technical pursuits, sometimes leaning a little more to one side…

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  • Saying Yes

    Whether you like Oprah or not, her Masterclasses are great opportunities to learn from people who are actually doing what they say they want to. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is about being in the game. Shonda Rhimes talked about changing her life by spending a year, saying…

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  • Forgive

    In my experience “forgive” is one of the most loaded concepts I hear about from my clients. The general knowledge is about how essential it is to good mental health, to moving forward in life, to being happy & whole.  While those things may be true, the truth that the concept…

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  • Between A Rock & A Hard Place

    Too many times we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place not knowing what to do or how we got here, again. In my experience, being in this place isn’t fun and requires action or decision, apologies or repair. I know for myself I was an all or…

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  • Life Disrupted – Scientific proof stress & trauma changes our DNA

    New findings in neuroscience, psychology and immunology tell us that the adversity we faced as children has long lasting, far reaching consequences.  For those of us experiencing this in our own lives this is no surprise.  The real shock is how come it took so long for the medical field…

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  • From Darkness into the Light

    There are so many ways to say that – from illness to wellness, from weakness to strength, from discomfort to comfort. What nobody tells us is that challenges and adversity are normal parts of life and rather than running from them, we should learn to deal with them. This is…

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  • The Trap of Perfectionism

    It seems that every place I turn right now, everybody is asking “Are people really doing the best they can?” I just started reading Brene Brown’s new book Rising Strong, so perhaps the fact that this is coming to me from everywhere else at the same time, is a personal…

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  • The Cute Cure

    Whether you believe it or not, there is now scientific proof that pets have heart strengthening, blues fighting, body-slimming and stress-calming super powers. I know it may not seem like that when you are cleaning out the litter box or taking your puppy out for the 3rd time at 4am,…

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